End Sections

Lane’s metal end sections provide a practical, economical and attractive end treatment for metal culverts. Our prefabricated, flared design is hydraulically efficient, reduces soil erosion and easily blends into the finished slope.

The lightweight, flexible metal construction of Lane’s end sections are made to fit culvert inlets and outlets of all sizes. They can be used with either annular or helical corrugated metal pipe or HDPE pipe.

Hydraulically Superior Treatment for Culverts

Material Option for End Sections

Galvanized Steel (minimum service life of 50 years)
The traditional galvanized CSP is produced from steel coil with a two-ounces per square foot zinc coating.


Advantages of End Sections:

  • No special tools or equipment required to install
  • End sections easily join to culvert barrels, forming a continuous, convenient one-piece structure
  • Toe plates prevent undercutting