Storm Water Management

Storm Storage Online Configurator

StormStorage‚ĄĘ Online Configurator

As a manufacturer of the three leading materials used for underground storm water storage, Lane is uniquely suited to assist the civil site design team in the selection of the most appropriate system for the application‚ÄĒpolypropylene chambers, HDPE pipe, and CMP systems. Each has a distinct value that may better lend itself to a particular application, cost savings, or both.

Lane’s StormStorageTM online configuration tool was created to seamlessly achieve the best possible storm water management solution for your next project.

The StormStorageTM tool allows you to quickly and efficiently configure a stormwater system in three easy steps:

  1. Input your project’s design parameters.
  2. Edit your project as necessary.
  3. Submit your project.

StormStorageTM will take your configured project and create a complete set of AutoCAD and PDF files containing important construction information.

Log on and configure your project in minutes at:


StormKeeper‚ĄĘ Stormwater Chambers

StormKeeper‚ĄĘ chambers are designed to exceed the ASTM F2418 standard, delivering reliable strength, storage efficiency and value in a smaller footprint than comparable products. For more information, see StormKeeper‚ĄĘ Storm Water Chambers page.

StormShaper - Control the Perfect Storm

The StormShaper system will allow the designer to ‚Äėshape‚Äô the actual outlet hydrograph to conform to the ideal outlet strategy. The result is that the detention system can be reduced in size by an average of 30 to 40 percent. For more information, see the StormShaper page.

Corrugated Metal Pipe

The strength and versatility of Lane’s metal pipe options are unmatched in underground storage applications, with expanded options for standard and custom fittings, perforated patterns, and diameters up to 12 feet. For more information, see Corrugated Metal Pipe Page.

Corrugated HDPE Pipe

Lane’s HD100 & HD100EC product lines are available in diameters up to 60 inches with all the standard fittings necessary to meet any design, along with options for standard perforated patterns and custom fabricated fittings. For more information, see Corrugated HDPE Pipe page.