Reverse Q Pond Outlet

Help protect the quality of our waterways and adhere to EPA-mandated controls to reduce pollutant loads with the Reverse Q Pond Outlet. The Reverse Q addresses both water quality and water quantity by utilizing a floating orifice that draws discharge water from the top of the sediment pond where the water is clearest throughout the storm event.

Reverse Q Pond OutletThe Engineer's Advantage:

  • Gives engineers the ability to pick specific drawdown duration and peak flow that will meet the storm water goals of the project
  • Protects downstream waterways from experiencing peak flows, normally occurring early on in a storm event
  • Allows for the delaying of higher flows until later in the drawdown cycle.

Improved Performance for Sediment Basins

The revolutionary aspect of the Reverse Q is its patented lever action which varies the head on the orifice, essentially allowing designers to customize and reverse the discharge curve when compared with traditional riser orifice design or even when compared with other floating orifices.

Reversing the shape of the discharge pattern means average retention time is increased, allowing for more sediment removal. Delaying maximum discharge rates until after the peak of the storm event has passed, thereby reducing potential downstream flooding.

The Lane Reverse Q Pond Outlet provides design and municipal engineers with the opportunity to improve the performance of sediment basins by optimizing the balance between pond retention time, sediment settling, and pond discharge rates.