Open-Top Slotted Drain Pipe

Lane’s Open-Top Slotted Drain Pipe is a practical combination of pipe and inlet structure that reduces or eliminates the need for traditional catch basin structures, and has the added value of efficiently managing surface water sheet flow. A completely galvanized system constructed by securing a slotted grate atop Lane’s corrugated metal pipe, OTSD is designed specifically to intercept and convey sheet flow on roadways, loading docks, parking lots, airport surfaces or factory floors.

Simple, Efficient, Economical

Material Option for Open Top Slotted Drain

Galvanized Steel (minimum service life of 50 years)
The traditional galvanized CSP is produced from steel coil with a two-ounces per square foot zinc coating.



Open-Top Slotted drain pipe offers several advantages over a typical checkerboard paving pattern, with its array of catch basins and connecting pipe, it:

  • Reduces the number of and or eliminates catch basins
  • Reduces the length of pipe required to drain the site
  • Simplifies the paving layout
  • Reduces maintenance difficulty

Installing Lane’s OTSD saves money and eliminates complex grading needed to accommodate catch basin structures.