PRO100 Pipe

Lane's PRO100 pipe is a dual-wall polypropylene (PP) pipe with a smooth interior and corrugated exterior manufactured for all drainage applications. Integrated bell and spigot couplers are provided on nominal 20’ pipe lengths. Manning’s roughness coefficient (i.e. Manning’s n value) is conservatively factored to 0.012 for in‐service design.

Lane's PRO100 pipe is certified and marked as AASHTO M330.

Lane’s PRO100 pipe affords the full range of joint performance available today, from soil-tight to water-tight (per ASTM D3212). Standard bell-and-spigot pipe joints include two manufacturer-installed gaskets as shown below (elastomeric seals per ASTM F477).

Virgin polypropylene resins used for pipe production are impact-modified copolymers that meet the material requirements of ASTM F2881 Section 6 and AASHTO M330 Section 6.

Lane's PRO100 pipe exceeds the AASHTO pipe material standards by using 100% virgin polypropylene impact-modified copolymer requirements. Lane’s higher material standards are aimed to ensure minimum 100‐year service life. Raw material and finished pipe are routinely tested to ensure consistency with the industry parameters used to establish 100‐year service life.

All PRO100 pipe products with the Lane logo and the AASHTO marking are manufactured, tested and supplied in accordance with the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP), a division of AASHTO. Under this program, Lane certifies that products (resin or pipe) it produces meets or exceeds the requirements of AASHTO M330.

Lane ensures, certifies and documents that PRO100 shipped to the job site meets the above claims and standards,
and warranties the product is free of any material or workmanship defects.

PRO100 Standards Callout

Nominal Pipe ID (in)121518243036424860
Nominal Pipe OD (in) 14.50 17.50 21.50 28.00 35.00 41.25 47.75 54.75 67.50
Average Handling Weight (lb/ft) 3.40 5.00 7.00 10.50 15.90 21.20 27.80 33.00 43.90
Nominal Lay Length (ft-in) 20-0 20-0 20-0 20-0 20-0 20-0 20-0 20-0 19-6
AASHTO Minimum Pipe Stiffness (psi) 65.0 54.0 50.0 44.0 36.0 29.0 27.0 25.0 19.0