Welded Wire Mesh Gabion & Gabion Mattresses

These flexible, permeable, rock-filled and interconnected modular units create a monolithic wall for earth retention or a blanket for soil stabilization, providing the civil engineer a unique building material that aesthetically blends that sheared-rock look into its natural environment.

Welded wire mesh means that each point of contact in the grid is actually welded to form a more rigid connection, making this type of gabion indispensable in achieving a more flat, sharp appearance. The added stiffness makes rock filling less cumbersome for better installation times and reduced labor costs.

Lane gabions are shipped flat (i.e. collapsed) with hinged panels that easily fold into a rectangular basket. Sides are raised and the seams temporarily fastened. The basket is placed and adjacent edges permanently laced.

Once expanded and placed, gabions are simply and securely interconnected with corkscrew spiral binders at each vertical junction. Welded wire mesh gabions are assembled, placed and filled considerably faster than their woven wire counterparts.

Welded wire mesh provides shape control superior to twisted or woven wire fabric. Diaphragms and preformed stiffeners brace adjacent panels and provide added stiffness for even more shape control.

Lane gabions and mattresses are manufactured to the ASTM A974 standard, which also establishes minimum requirements for preassembly of the baskets and mattresses for shipping. The wire mesh used is galvanized or PVC coated for applications where greater durability is desired.

Explore the credits available for your design when using on-site rock to fill those gabions.