Technical Coatings

Lane's Technical Coating is an alternative to liquid paint, utilizing finely ground particles which are electro-statically charged and sprayed onto parts. The parts are heated, melting the powder and forming a coating which is both physically and chemically bonded to the surface. These coatings are more durable than conventional liquid coatings and less expensive than comparable multi-coat liquid systems.

Originally developed to meet the early-day demands for epoxy coated rebar, Lane’s present-day facility accommodates the construction industry’s expanded applications, including structural steel, guide rail, bridge rail, sound wall posts, pilings and a host of other construction materials that require a higher level of functional protection.

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The Benefits:

Lane's technical coating provides a unique option for exposed drainage structures like trash racks, end sections and risers.

The Lane Difference:

  • Over 30 years of experience in powder coating
  • Approved applicators for over 20 state highway departments
  • Premier coaters of epoxy, polyester and hybrid powders
  • A full line dedicated for custom coatings