StormShaper - Control the Perfect Storm

Lane StormShaper - Control the perfect stormOne of the most challenging aspects of any site development design is the control of post-development stormwater flows. The Lane StormShaper is designed to release stormwater from a system at an optimal rate (the rate allowed by local regulations), including multiple storm requirements. The ideal outlet hydrograph will often be a series of jumps in the outlet rate, with each jump corresponding to the transition between one design storm and the next. This means that, as opposed to conventional systems, the storm water will be released at a higher rate early in the storm event.

The StormShaper system will allow the designer to ‘shape’ the actual outlet hydrograph to conform to the ideal outlet strategy. The result is that the detention system can be reduced in size by an average of 30 to 40 percent when compared to conventional outlet designs.

Lane StormShaper - Control the perfect storm.

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Advantages of the StormShaper

  • Saves an average of 35 percent of storage volume.
  • Saves land for other uses.
  • Quicker construction time.
  • Saves labor costs.

Your Engineering Partner

The Lane Engineering Team provides the highest level of support during the StormShaper design and installation process.  Our team will meet with your design engineers to gather necessary project information and design a customized StormShaper outlet control system with the following elements:

  • Stormshaper design, including any necessary vault or structure.

  • Outlet hydrograph output for incorporation into calculation reports.

  • CAD system layout, bill of materials, and drawings for the entire retention/detention system.

  • Upstream debris collection recommendations, which will be incorporated in the Lane design to prevent blockage.

  • A design that meets regulatory outflow requirements as provided by the design engineer.

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